Once the tree inventory was complete, we started planning how to manage the woodlands. We decided that there was too much dark evergreen – mainly laurel and holly – and not enough young broad-leafed trees. Storm Doris swept through and took the top off one of our cedars, so we decided to add at least one replacement to the project.

We agreed with the tree surgeons and the local authority tree officer that it would be useful to remove laurel and holly from three areas to create new clearings. The light would encourage new growth, and we would be able to plant some more trees. Work-parties in February 2018 made a good start on this, and Bartletts finished the job in April by removing some larger trees and pruning others. This marked the start of the driest summer for many years, so we had to delay re-planting until the following season.

Following ideas from Jan Woudstra’s report, with input from Bartletts and others, we chose some flowering cherry, guelder rose, and two cedars to be planted early in 2019.