The Residents’ Society arranges for the outside of every house and garage to be painted on a regular schedule.

The Society keeps a small amount of paint for residents to use on repairs. Please contact the Committee if you need it.

Paint types and colours

  • Black weatherboards: Black Solignum Architectural Woodstain. Do not use ordinary paint!
  • Black vertical-slat gates: Originally Black Solignum Architectural Woodstain, though some have been painted with different paint systems. Check carefully.
  • White exterior woodwork: Oil-based brilliant white gloss.
  • Green exterior woodwork: Oil-based gloss, mixed to BS4800 colour 12 B 21. Note that there is no direct equivalent in the RAL colour system.

New painting strategy

Originally the whole estate was re-painted every 3 years, but with improving paint technology that was extended to 4 years around the year 2000.

From 2019 onwards the Committee proposes to move to a longer painting cycle. This will require a greater initial investment to prepare the surfaces and apply a new type of paint, but should allow us to delay re-painting most items for at least 8 years. The longer cycle means that we can afford better preparation and a neater job each time, and should also save money in the long term.