Houses are identified by the number on the light-brick beside the front door. These lights also help visitors as they approach the house, and many people arrange for the lights to be on during the hours of darkness. Originally the lights would have used 60W incandescent bulbs, but these days we recommend low-energy lamps.

The only suitable replacements that we know of are BEGA 33648 and BEGA 33668. The former is a low-energy fitting that uses 13W TC-D bulbs giving 900 lumens. The latter has a standard E27 (Edison Screw) fitting and should be used with CF or LED bulbs with an output in the range 300 to 1100 lumens. LED is slightly more efficient and should last longer. Warm White is recommended.

The Committee holds a small stock of light bricks and bulbs. We get the bricks from

The numbers are self-adhesive PVC, 50mm high in most cases although single-digit numbers look better at 75mm. The typeface is Helvetica Bold and it is important that the numbers are cut outlines rather than printed onto a white carrier (so that they can be read when lit from behind).