A number of items may have been “exchanged” or left behind on Saturday night:

1) Tim & Katie Stockton have lost a green Waitrose insulated bag – found by Edna – who also found her hat!
2) Pamela Violett has lost a disposable plastic tray
3) I understand that Edna Large is missing her hat
4) Round, opaque plastic lid to Mary Clayton’s jelly mould is missing – now found!

1) We have a very good blue Goretex jacket – Lee we think?
2) Helen Davies has acquired a long handled serving spoon with a pierced bowl  – now returned – it was her spoon in the photograph
3) We have some photos, largely from a very early Ox Roast – Tony & Jennifer?  Also a rather different photo showing both the car park Cedar and the one by Number 9?
4) Some stuff is still at the bottom of the garden – see attached picture

Lost and found at the bottom of the garden

Lost and found at the bottom of the garden








And here is the spoon returned by Helen – anyone recognise it?