CC50 birthday party – other comments

“Despite the unhelpful weather the event proceeded flawlessly and it was really good to meet up with so many old friends. Oh – and the beef was delicious.”

Tim Stockton

It was a delight to catch up with friends – and to meet people we remembered only as small children.”

Helen & Glyn Davies

“It was so lovely to meet past residents who were so thrilled to be invited and reminded of the remarkable continuity of Cedar Chase.”

Tony & Jennifer Lamburn

“The wet weather did not spoil a thing! The setting up and cooking, must have been a nightmare, but all went so well with the help of the labels (thank goodness) so many neighbours from the past were recognised.”

Kay Fergusson

“We have 4 large bin bags from last night. Our bin can only take 2 of them. Does anyone have space in they rubbish bin for a bag please?”

Chris Ormond – of course, she got several offers of help!

“Thank you for a splendid BBQ last night despite the rain – the marquee was perfect! Lovely to see the inhabitants of Cedar Chase on such great form and to see so many children. I hope Karl didn’t fall off his chair before the end of the evening as he was threatening to do! I enjoyed talking to Gill & Graham & hearing news of Maureen Greaves. I look forward to the 60th celebrations”

Sally Jobling

“I would like to thank everyone for the fabulous party last night. Especially Jane and Andrew for all their hard work over this year. Also the Meats photo board which was beautifully laid out. The lighting was perfect. The spit roast was delicious. The music was lovely. In fact it was all great… And to all the helpers, thank you for making it a great evening. My family, especially Emma and Amelia, loved seeing old friends they used to play with at CC. Perfect evening.”

Rosemary Read

“It was such fun meeting up with friends made at Cedar Chase. Several have become lifelong friends, and some I haven’t seen for nearly two decades.”

Liz Wheater

“We immensely enjoyed it, the Ox roast, salads, puds and cheese were delicious, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cedar Chase looking so good in the hands of the present owners. It reinforced to us that like you we made the right choice to live in Cedar Chase for the very unique environment it offers it’s owners. ”

John & Liz Tooke

“Many thanks to:

Fire chief Alan who was also a major contributor to setup and clear-down
Chief carver Cris and his team of Chris D and Ronan Lawrence
Spuds boss Chris O and all the “ovens” that helped
Communications chief Ollie for a fantastic set of display boards
Kids Captain Sally and a huge thank you to all the youngsters on Cedar Chase – also to Warren for the super T-shirt design
Field marshal Andrew who can turn any green field into a party site – ably assisted especially by Lee, Alan, Warren & Chris D
Carol for hosting several delighted alumni to her “Open House”
Tony for contributing a gazebo at no notice – it made a huge difference
The Sunday clear-up crew, which must have amounted to almost everyone! The garden was almost completely cleared by the time we staggered down!

Now who’s organising the 60th?? ”

Jane Curry