Windows and doors are a very important part of the external appearance of Cedar Chase houses. As such, any replacement must be designed very carefully to match the original Span design. This is a legal requirement, enforced by the covenant that we all sign when buying a Cedar Chase house.

Preferred Suppliers

You can use any supplier that can make windows with the correct appearance, but our experience is that it takes a long time to find one and to agree the specification. Using a known supplier saves a lot of work for everyone.

Houses 21 and 22 had new hardwood windows fitted in 2014. This was done by Thames Valley Windows. It took a long time to agree the specification and the price was rather high, but the quality of the end-result is very good.

Further research by Martin Knight produced another supplier in 2016. They work in a mixture of softwood frames with hardwood sills, and the price is much more affordable (including the two very large windows for the rear of the dining-room and the living-room, neither of which were replaced at 21 and 22). Several houses have now replaced some or all of their windows and everyone is very happy with the results. The contact is George Caspall:

George can now replace front doors as well: this involves a complete new frame and includes the frosted-glass window beside the door.

More details

The drawings and pictures here may help when negotiating with suppliers. They were prepared by Martin Knight. Please note that some houses have mirror-image windows in some places, and some have a narrower Window 6.

Individual photos:

Garage Doors

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